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The company was founded in Haselunne, Germany, in the year 1758 by Johann Bernhard Tobias Berentzen. For more than 250 years now, the name Berentzen has been synonymous with a long tradition of distilling brands of fine spirits. The development from a regional producer to an international working company happened mainly in the last century. In 1994 the Berentzen Company went public as the first spirit company in Germany.
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Berentzen Liqueur Pear  750ML
Berentzen now introduces the newest member of the family with Berentzen Pear. Made with 100% natural pear juice, Berentzen Pear offers authentic fruit enjoyment and the ultimate in mix ability. Berentzen Pear is based on a pure and carefully distilled wheat spirit. This excellent product is quite unique and is indeed unrivaled in taste. Smooth, sweet and light.  Fresh pear flavor glides along ... click for more details
Sku: 4792
Bottle Price: $24.99

Berentzen Wild Apple  750ML
This unaged, higher-proof spirit with no added color is refined and sophisticated. Made from 100% single-grain wheat, natural apple, and premium Calvados from France.Intriguing presentation of Apple with mellowed tones that make this white spirit well-suited for premium crafted cocktails. Taste is smooth and sophisticated, a crisp apple flavor glides over the tongue followed by the refined hint ... click for more details
Sku: 14910
Bottle Price: $24.99