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He might have been a surgeon, a record producer, or a teacher. He went down all three paths. Yet, at a young (mind you, legal) age, Ricky Fannin learned that he is superiorly creative behind the bar. Years of bartending at a luxury coastal resort inspired Ricky’s refreshing blend coined “The Ricky.” Word spread. It developed a following. This secret recipe not only appealed to those looking for a great cocktail, but also to those who prefer their spirits ‘neat’, like his childhood friend, Bess Grasswick. All it took was one sip for Bess to offer 100% of her energy to help take “The Ricky” to gathering spots beyond Florida’s Emerald Coast.
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Chaste No. 850 1985  750ML
Any bartender will tell you that it can take hundreds of tries to get a drink exactly right — No. 850™ tries, perhaps. While CHASTE® No. 850™ is ready-to-serve, it is meticulously crafted with premium spirits, natural juices, and no artificial colors. Peering through the premium 17% ALC/VOL (34 proof) rum are notes of citrus, pineapple, and coconut for a fruit-to-kick ratio that is just right ... click for more details
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Bottle Price: $14.99