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Metaxa Brandy 5 Star 84@  750ML
Full of life, METAXA 5 Stars lies at the heart of the METAXA family. With a bottle inspired by ancient Greek architecture, its spirit captures the warmth of the sun. Colour: dark honey Aroma: more raisiny than fruity, subtly woody Taste: mellow, fruity, soft, aged, slightly ... click for more details
Sku: 50280
Bottle Price: $28.99

Metaxa Brandy 7 Star 80@  750ML
METAXA 7 Stars is a very sophisticated member of the METAXA family. Its bottle is inspired by ancient Greek vases, called 'Amphorae', which were used to carry wines and spirits. Wine distillates aged up to 7 years give METAXA 7 Stars a spirit of distinction, with a gold color and a full-bodied, raisiny, sweet taste. A self-confident spirit! Enjoy METAXA 7 Stars ' heavenly mellow taste ... click for more details
Sku: 50260
Bottle Price: $35.99

Metaxa Ouzo 80@  750ML
A distinctive member of the METAXA family, Ouzo by METAXA offers an authentic taste of Greek tradition. Created according to a time-honoured recipe, this unique aperitif features a blend of Mediterranean spices including aniseed, fennel, coriander and the precious mastic coming from the island of Chios, which endow Ouzo by METAXA with a rich, complex bouquet and cool, crisp flavour.... click for more details
Sku: 50270
Bottle Price: $20.99